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Lessons For Transition from Bass Guitar

I remember making the transition from jamming with friends on my fender jazz bass, to checking out Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Eddie Gomez and Dave Holland. That was the time when I wanted to get an Upright String Bass and learn how to play it. That lead to a path of learning about Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, and Traditional Orchestral Bass Section playing along the way. I recently decided it might be cool to post some basic skills for anyone interested in making the transition. Thanks for checking out these intro string bass lessons. Hope you find them helpful!

Walking Bass and Jazz Solos

These lessons focus on outlining the chords and playing with the right sound and feel. Let's face it, that's gotta be more than 90% of what most people are looking for in a bass player... later on we'll get into improvising solos as well.

Playing With The Bow

Well, if there is only one elephant in the room, it's probably gonna be how to avoid that confounded scratching and sawing tone of a bow on a string... Let's work on fixing that!



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